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Sport Team Reunion In An Escape Room Challenge: Use What Your Coach Taught You

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Escape rooms are growing in popularity worldwide. If you haven’t challenged yourself yet, go ahead and grab your old school sport teammates and head off to an escape room for a memorable reunion. Remember all of the things your coaches taught you about teamwork? You can use those skills that were drilled into your head by your coach to achieve success when playing an escape room game with your former teammates. Read More»

Five Important Factors To Take Into Account Before You Choose Your Wedding Reception Location

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One of the most important considerations to take into account when planning your wedding is choosing the right venue.  Your wedding reception is going to be an opportunity to give your guests a great time and to celebrate your union with your loved ones. Finding the right location for this special event is extremely important. The following are five things you need to think about when choosing your wedding venue to arrive upon the perfect decision: Read More»

Five Things To Remember When Making A Latin Music Video

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Latin music videos come packaged in many varieties, from the sophisticated Bachata originally from the Dominican Republic to the simple Rumba from urban Havana.  A great song should make your audience sing along, and a successful video should entice them to join in. Put serious consideration into innovation and longevity. Here are simple yet influential considerations when designing a Latin music video. Innovation Choose a theme that makes a difference, marks a distinct moment, influences many people, and is a well-thought composition. Read More»

How To Plan A Great Team Event For Your Employees

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Are you the owner of a business? Are you the head of a department in the corporate world? No matter your position, if you are planning a team event for employees, here are some ideas that might help you to plan a great event.  Involve Others Consider asking other people in your team to be part of the planning process.  Put people in charge of different things that will be needed. Read More»