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Having an Outdoor Party? Here's What You'll Need to Help Ensure It's a Success

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Hosting an outdoor party is an excellent way to make sure that you'll have plenty of room for all of your guests and to minimize the cleanup process you will go through after the festivities are over. Here are a few things you'll need to help ensure that your outdoor party is a success:

Paper and Plastic Weights

There is always a chance of wind when you're spending time outside, so it's important to make sure that all of the paper and plastic products that are set out at your party are secured. Otherwise, you may find that half of your paper plates and plastic cups end up flying away before they can even be used by your guests. This could lead to a shortage of serving paper and plasticware; unhappy party guests will undoubtedly notice. 

So put together some cute little weights that can be used to hold paper and plastic products down. You can weigh down unused items and provide each guest with a weight of their own so they can more easily keep track of the paper and plastic products they're using. A couple of ways to make party weights is to decorate large pebbles and wrap them with ribbons or have pieces of wood cut into medallions.

Canopy Structures

Even if you intend for most of the festivities to take place under the sun, it's a good idea to put up a couple of canopy structures so people can get out of the sun if they want to. And if it rains, your party won't be ruined because everyone will be able to gather under the canopy structures.

Once the structures are constructed, you can place some tables and chairs underneath for leisure and dining comfort. Or you can designate each canopy structure for a specific purpose. One can accommodate dining, another can accommodate dancing, and a third can accommodate those who just want to lounge around and converse.

Plastic Strip Screens

You should also consider installing plastic strip screens on your canopy structures to create walls that will help protect the interiors of the canopies from exterior elements. Plastic strip screens are see-through flaps typically made of PVC that hang like vertical blinds for windows do. They'll create a barrier that will help keep wind, rain, and dust out of the canopy spaces so people won't have to deal with dirty food or wet clothes.

Since the plastic strip screens can be seen through, you won't turn the canopy spaces into interior dwellings. Anyone who is inside the canopies will feel like they're still outside. Anyone who is spending time outside of the canopies will be able to see exactly what is going on inside of them, too.