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Five Things To Remember When Making A Latin Music Video

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Latin music videos come packaged in many varieties, from the sophisticated Bachata originally from the Dominican Republic to the simple Rumba from urban Havana.  A great song should make your audience sing along, and a successful video should entice them to join in. Put serious consideration into innovation and longevity. Here are simple yet influential considerations when designing a Latin music video.


Choose a theme that makes a difference, marks a distinct moment, influences many people, and is a well-thought composition. You also want to stay within topics that will be relevant for a long time such as peace, love, politics, and family. Silvio Rodríguez wrote and recorded his song La Maza as a leader of the Cuba's Trova Movement. The political theme at a very appropriate time transcended the island connecting with the Latin youth at the time and became a powerful reflection on humanity. The video's arrangement is eloquent, set simply to acoustic percussion and guitar.  It has remained on the list of 50 greatest Latin songs of all time on the Latin billboard charts for a long time.

Get Hips Moving

If you can straddle pure romance and norteño with equal ease, you already stand a chance with Latino music lovers. A combination of love and dance gives you even more advantage. It is perhaps the reason Latino musicians that are known for moving their hips, for example, Shakira, feature so often on Latino billboard charts. Her song featuring Maluma is the Latino video to most quickly reach over 100 million views.

Make Happy Videos

Latinos love colorful celebrations, and everyone wants to join in.  It is the reason everyone wants to dance to Macarena by Los Del Rio, a song that spent 14 weeks at the top of the billboard charts. People will more easily adopt an audio or visual that leaves memories of solid happiness than they will brilliant lyrics. Because of their diversity and influence of several cultures over the years, Latinos have a romantic and delicious combination a classy accent, dance moves and style. You, therefore, must throw in enough class in your video.

Party Classics Sell

Party classics appeal to several moments in life. They can play in a club, home parties, birthdays or a college get-together. Matador by Los Fabulosos Cadillacs is an example of a party classic that went on to gain widespread popularity as a sports song, especially soccer. A party classic video resonates with any happy moments, and people, organizations or events can adopt it as a theme song. Matador, for example, went on to become a theme song for tennis player Rafael Nadal.

Family Orientation

Latinos are very family oriented, a reason why they have big families. They associate a lot with a wider circle of relatives and are warm and caring. If you are making a music video with Latinos as your primary audience, a well-thought and important family theme will boost your viewership.

When making a Latin music video, ensure class, dance, quality and a proper representation of their diverse culture. Remember that your video will not please everyone, and that is as it should be in music. Your fans will love you more if you pay more attention to their needs rather than trying to please everyone. Look at other videos, such as by Vida Primo, for inspiration.